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Название работы: Term 6. ЗАДАНИЕ 1 TOPICS FOR DISCUSSION

Вид работы: Контрольная работа

Описание: Term 6

Выберите любую тему и напишите мини-сочинение или сделайте презентацию.
1. Why do changes make people feel stress?
2. What are the most stressful changes and how to cope with them?
3. Describe the way the US department stores dealt with changes in retailing.

Why do changes make people feel stress?

Stress is a problem that can have detrimental effects on many people’s lives, and there are various factors in modern society responsible for this. But why do we react to any changes with stress? Let’s figure it out.
The human body takes care of stability and competitiveness. Any change, even expected and desired (for example, a wedding, the birth of a child, entering a university), is associated with the need to move to a new situation, therefore, it requires additional resources and changes. Those who have many different resources - energy, strength, knowledge - easily cope with changes. But if the forces are already running out, a change in the situation can be experienced quite hard.
In a situation of change, it seems to us that the ground is slipping from under our feet. But in fact, nothing is permanent, and perhaps this "soil" never existed. Just today, changes in our lives are happening much more often and faster. What characterizes the uncertainty of a situation in the perception of a person? First, the fact that the usual schemes of action do not work. And if people who accept changes, due to their flexibility and ideas about the variability of the world, can easily rebuild, then it is important for conservative-minded individuals that habitual schemes that have become solid structures are confirmed and implemented. And in uncertainty, there are often no such opportunities, and hence there is a feeling of loss of control. Secondly, uncertainty is associated with the inability to implement long-term planning and form a stable picture of the future. For the conservative type, this will also be associated with a loss of control.
Readiness for the future is largely a psychological characteristic of a person: it is self-acceptance, development of one’s abilities and motivation to accept what will happen. In addition, readiness for the future is also the ability to part with the expectations and plans outlined earlier. This is the flexibility of restructuring one's inner picture of the world in connection with changing conditions. Therefore, the conservative type, rigidly and carefully developing their plans, has a harder time.
Therefore, it is important in the modern world to make in your development, become more flexible, change your thinking so that stress does not have a catastrophic effect on our lives.

Год: 2023

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