Сочинения (ЭССЕ) на Английском языке


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Название работы: Сочинения (ЭССЕ) на Английском языке

Вид работы: ЭССЕ

Описание: Нужно написать сочинения (эссе) на Английском языке и описать картинки.

Many aspects of life have changed over the last 30 years. These include: marriage/dating/the role of women or/and men. Write an article about how one of these areas has changed in your country and say whether you think these changes are positive or negative?

Write an article on one of these statements:
1. We often choose a career for the wrong reasons.
2. We make our choice at a very early stage and we don’t know our talents.
3. Never leave your choice to somebody else.

Write about an occasion that made you extremely happy or unhappy.

Write an essay on the topic:
Which modern or historical leaders do you most admire? Which do you admire the least?Why?
What makes a great leader? Write down a list of characteristics.
Are there differences between men and women as leaders? Why have most great leaders been men?
Are people who were leaders at school more likely to be leaders later in life?

Write about any very early memories of the feelings or incidents below. Do you know approximately how old you were at the time?
feeling surprised/feeling shame or embarassment/the birth of a brother or sister/a day out/managing to do smth for the first time/the death of a pet/a festival or celebration/getting a wonderful or disappointing present

Here are some pictures of various aspects of modern life. How have these various aspects changed over time? Choose the two aspects that you think have changed the most.

Look at the two pictures below showing different aspects of unhappiness. Compare and contrast the two pictures, saying what you think is making these people feel unhappy.

Your school is holding a careers week for final year students in order to give out information and help students decide which career to follow. Decide which of these jobs you would find more interesting and why. Then choose the two that you think would be most popular with students.

Look at these pictures which show different ways of learning about the past. How can we learn from each one, and then choose the three most enjoyable ways to find out about the past.

Imagine an English tourist is coming to your country. Write tips about the social codes in your country. Use these ideas or your own.
- behaviour on public transport
- queuing
- dress codes
- saying please and thank you
- starting conversation
- talking to strangers
- talking loudly in public
- subjects you shouldn’t talk about
- things that might cause offence

Do you agree that men don’t talk about their emotions? Why?/Why not?
When women talk about their problems, do you think they want sympathy rather than solutions?
Write an essay on these issues.
In what other ways do you think men and women behave differently?
What should the roles of men and women be in the future?

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