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Название работы: English test

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Описание: Fill in the missing word.
1 He with a strong accent; it's not easy to understand him.
2 It's a secret, so don't a word.
3 We are going on a cruise down Seine
this summer.
4 Let me give you a of advice.
5 Don't talk to him. He isn't in a good
6 I to live in a flat, but now I live in a big house.
7 I can't reach the top shelf, it's high.
8 What's John's number? I need to get in
with him urgently.
9 I tried to get him to up and share his feelings with me, but he wasn't ready to talk about it.
10 up or we'll be late.
11 Jane bumped an old school friend in town yesterday.
12 I'm sorry, Mr Smith isn't in at the moment. Can you back later?
13 I haven't seen Steve since he moved to Madrid. I
really him.
14 If the line is busy, you should hang and
try again later.
15 I really can't the difference between the twins.
16 I'm sorry. I didn't mean to your feelings.
17 Mobile phones must be switched on
18 Sarah speaks three languages, but her
language is English.
19 I haven't heard Kim for about a month.
20 I'm grateful you for your help.
2 Circle the correct item.
1 She leaned over and quietly in his ear.
A clapped В wept С whispered D yawned
2 I always hands with someone when I meet
them for the first time.
A wave В shake С give D clap

5 Sarah has been a bit depressed lately so we have
bought her some flowers to her up.
A calm В cheer С loosen D ease
6 She finds it difficult to her feelings.
A say В express С tell D give
7 Peter is very annoyed Paul so he isn't
speaking to him.
A for В to С of D with
8 I don't feel well. I think I will make an appointment
the doctor today.
A at В to С with D for
9 I've been trying to get to the bank all
A at В with С through D in
10 I'm absolutely ! I haven't slept all night.
A furious В exhausted С delighted D horrified

3 Complete the second sentence using the word in bold. Use two to five words including the word given. Do not change the word given.
1 Claire couldn't eat the soup as it was very hot.
too Thesoup
Claire to eat.
2 I asked her if she needed any more information.
else I asked her if
she needed to know.
3 Duncan does not usually lose his temper.
like It is
to lose his temper.
4 When I got up on stage I forgot everything I was going
to say.
anything When I got up on stage
: I was going to say.
5 Sam would rather not go to the cinema tonight.
feel Sam
to the cinema tonight.

D heart
С peacock D fox
3 Tom is as proud as a
A parrot В lion
4 He was so angry his was red.
A head В palm С face

4 Fill in the correct word derived from the word in
1 Before the........................................... INVENT
of the telephone, communicating over
great distances was slow and difficult.
2 The................................................ DEFEND
was sentenced to five years imprisonment.
3 She couldn't believe that the strange .................in the mirror was hers. REFLECT
4 ...................is more than a feeling, HAPPY
it is a state of mind.
5 Children's safety is of the utmost

5 Read the sentences. If a sentence is correct, put a tick (/). If it has a word that should not be there, write this word on the line.
1 I haven't got a mobile phone, but I think
I will get the one.
2 After a few days later, I felt much better.
3 Text messaging has become a part of life
for many people.
4 She is the happiest person I know her
5 Rumour has it that Jenny is going to get

6. Choose the correct response.
1 Why don't we go to the cinema?
A Thank you. В ОК.
2 Have you thought about using a dictionary?
A That's a good idea. В It could be.
3 Say hello to your parents for me.
A Me, too. В Thanks, I will.
В Sure.
В I'm happy.
4 Can I call you later?
A Not really.
5 Are you alright?
A Not really.

7 Complete the dialogue.
A: Is 1) ? You seem fed up.
B: Well, 2).................hectic day and now I've got to work late.
That's a pity. But I'm staying late, too. How 3)
going out together afterwards?
B: I 4) I feel tired already.
A: Go on. It'll cheer you up.
B: OK. 5) ? Where are we going?

You are going to read an article about a famous mathematician. Seven sentences have been removed. Choose from the sentences (A-H) the
one which fits each gap. There is one sentence you do not need to use. The first sentence has been chosen for you, as an example (0).
Pythagoras is often described as a very important mathematician, yet we know little about his achievements. Many Greek mathematicians wrote books about their work, but we have nothing written by Pythagoras. What we do know is that he was the leader of a society which was half scientific and half religious. 0 \E | We are not sure if the information we have about him is fact or legend.
We believe that Pythagoras was born on the Greek island of Samos. His father was a merchant, and as a child, Pythagoras travelled with him selling their goods. We also know that Pythagoras was well educated. He learned music and poetry and had three philosophers to teach him. 11 | | Thales advised Pythagoras to travel to Egypt to learn more about mathematics and astronomy.

So, in 535 ВС, Pythagoras travelled to Egypt, where he visited many temples and took part in discussions with priests. [2 [ For example, the Egyptian priests refused to eat beans and wear animal skins, as did Pythagoras later in his life.
In 525 ВС, the King of Persia invaded Egypt. Pythagoras was taken prisoner and was transported to Babylon. It was here, taught by the Babylonians, that he reached perfection in arithmetic and music. |3 | |
In Samos he founded a school which was called The Semicircle. It seems that the people of Samos did not appreciate the teaching methods of Pythagoras and they treated him rudely and improperly. Furthermore, the Samians wanted to involve Pythagoras in local politics against his will. |4
Pythagoras knew that all the philosophers before him had ended their days in a foreign country. So it was in Italy that he founded a religious and philosophical society. The members were called mathematikoi, they had no personal possessions and were vegetarians. This society contributed a great deal to the understanding of mathematics.
Pythagoras believed that numbers rule the universe and that numbers are present in all things. He also connected mathematics to music and recognised the healing power of music. | 5 | j Another of his beliefs was that there are three types of men: those who love wisdom, those who love honour and those who love gain.
6 | | Today we remember him best for his famous geometry theorem, known as the Pythagorean theorem.

A Pythagoras was a mathematician, an astronomer
and a philosopher. В Both men and women were allowed to be
members, and many women Pythagoreans
became philosophers. С We do not know when Pythagoras was set free,
but we know that in 520 ВС he left Babylon and
returned to Samos, his birthplace. D Two of these philosophers Thales and
Anaximander, introduced him to mathematics. E It was a secret society, and today Pythagoras is still
a mysterious figure. F Many of the customs he learnt in Egypt he came
to adopt.
G For these reasons he went to Italy. H He used it as a kind of therapy to help those who
were ill.

You will hear people talking in eight different situations. For questions 1-8, choose the best answer (A,BorC).
1 You hear a man talking to some people. What is the purpose of his talk?
A To show people how to work faster
В То welcome new employees
С То convince people to join his company
2 You hear two people talking in an office. What
happened to the man?
A He was on holiday.
В Не has been working from home.
С Не had an accident.
3 You are listening to a weather report on the
radio. What will the weather be like tomorrow?
A Rainy all over the country
В Dry but very cold in the south С Mostly sunny with occasional rain
4 You hear a man talking on the radio. How does
he feel?
A puzzled В angry С sad
5 You hear a man and a woman talking. Where are they?
A In a library
В In a bookshop
С In a computer shop
6 You are at a lecture. When is it taking place?
A During the fourth week of the course
В During the first week of the course С During the last week of the course
7 You hear this announcement on the radio. What
is happening on the M6?
A No traffic is allowed on it.
В Traffic is heavily congested.
С There have been several accidents.
8 You hear this conversation between a man and a
woman. Why has the man gone to see the
A To ask for advice about his career В То tell her about his wife's roblem С То get help with a health problem

Answer the following questions.
1 How long have you been studying English?
2 How do you think you will use your English in the future?
3 Do you speak any other languages?

a. Look at the following two pictures. They show different situations in which people are tired. Compare and contrast the two pictures, saying which person you think is more stressed.

b. What part of your routine do you find the most tiring?
с Look at the following two pictures, showing different situations in which people are talking. Compare and contrast the two pictures, saying how you imagine each conversation will end.

d. Who is the person you feel most comfortable discussing a problem with? Why?

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