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Anita saved $975 for community college tuition and other expenses, but now she is confused. Her older sister is going to Hawaii next month, and she wants Anita to go with her. They can get a discount on a hotel room and share the costs of renting a car. Anita knows college is important, but she wants to visit Hawaii. The problem is she can't afford both. If she goes Hawaii, she won't have enough money for college. It will take her a year to save enough money for tuition. Anita wants to be a nurse someday and work in a hospital. She doesn't know what to do. She has to make a difficult decision.

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Anita should use her money for college instead of vacation.
Anita's sister is a "bad influence".


A. Reading
Edna is on a diet. She lost five pounds, but she wants to lose ten more pounds before her trip to Italy next month. She is going with a group of friends, and she wants to look her best. Everyone tells her she looks great, but she doesn't agree. She bought new clothes for her vacation, but she can't fit into them. Edna got a diet book that lists the calories of foods. She writes down everything she eats and adds up the calories. She tries to eat no more than a thousand calories per day. Right now she is thinking about eating a slice of cherry pie. Dieting is not easy!
Эдна на диете
Эдна сидит на диете. Она сбросила пять фунтов, но хочет сбросить еще десять фунтов перед поездкой в Италию в следующем месяце. Она собирается с компанией друзей и хочет выглядеть как можно лучше. Все говорят ей, что она отлично выглядит, но она не согласна с этим. Она купила на каникулы новую одежду, но не влезает в нее. У Эдны есть книга с диетами, в которой перечислены калорийности продуктов. Она записывает все, что ест, и подсчитывает калории. Она старается съедать не более тысячи калорий в день. Прямо сейчас она думает о том, чтобы съесть кусок вишневого пирога. Диета - это непросто!

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Edna is not fat. She shouldn't be on a diet.
I agree that Edna is not fat and should not be on a diet. What happened to her, we do not know.

Maybe she likes someone from the company with which they are going to Italy.
Therefore, she wants to look her best. But no matter how it turns out that instead of a trip, she will earn herself a breakdown and health problems. She bought new clothes especially small in size to motivate herself that way. But most likely this will only enhance the negative feelings within her. Then she thinks about the cake, but cannot eat it, because she is on a diet. She is in constant tense anxiety. It is very unhealthy in general! I consider that there should be people on the diet for health reasons, who are overweight, confirmed by a doctor. The rest is neurosis! And she should go to a psychologist to talk about what really worries her, and not torment her body and soul with diet and restrictions.
Exercise is more important then dieting.
Unfortunately, in a modern life, we become less mobile, we have a sedentary lifestyle. Therefore, we just want a magic pill to save us from health problems. I consider exercise is more important to the body.. During doing exercises, the internal organs are enriched with oxygen, the processes in the body are accelerated and this leads not only to an improvement in well-being, but also after a while to the fact that a person loses weight. So it is better to do exercises, but of course more than once a month, because there is no sense from this. Physical jerks must be done systematically, and then you get positive results. A diet can be only the assistant of exercises, but it is not a basis.


Mr. Johnson and his wife have a teenage son named Kyle. Kyle is fifteen years old. He is a good kid, but he is messy. His hair is messy, his handwriting is messy, and his bedroom is messy. The Johnsons want to change Kyle's bad habits. They want him to comb his hair, write neatly, and keep his room clean. Mr. Johnson gets angry when Kyle's room is a mess. He scolds him, but it doesn't do any good. Mrs. Johnson tries to reason with Kyle. She explains why he should be neater. Neither parent is able to change Kyle's bad habits. Kyle is just a messy teenager.
Неряшливые подростки
У мистера Джонсона и его жены есть сын-подросток по имени Кайл. Кайлу пятнадцать лет. Он хороший ребенок, но неаккуратный. Его волосы растрепаны, почерк неаккуратен, а в спальне все разбросано. Джонсоны хотят изменить вредные привычки Кайла. Они хотят, чтобы он причесался, аккуратно писал и содержал свою комнату в чистоте. Мистер Джонсон злится, когда в комнате Кайла беспорядок. Он ругает его, но толку от этого нет. Миссис Джонсон пытается урезонить Кайла. Она объясняет, почему он должен быть аккуратнее. Ни один из родителей не может изменить вредные привычки Кайла. Кайл - просто неряшливый подросток.

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Most teenagers are messy.
Kyle will be neater when he gets older.

1. The fact is that most teenagers are messy. It’s true! Teens itself is difficult for teenagers. The hormones are changing; children are growing up, both physically and psychologically. During this period, they are trying to find their identity, to separate from their parents. And the most common form is protest. They do not listen to what they are told. They devalue the opinion of their parents. It seems to them that they are being pressured; they are being told how to live. And it just blows up their essence, and they do everything in spite of it. They ask to clean up, they keep the room in a mess, ask to wash - they will go around dirty, ask for help to do something, they will not want to do anything. This is a difficult period for adults and their children. And it just needs to be passed with acceptance and understanding of children.

2. To my mind, Kyle will be neater when he gets older. Messy teenager is a teenager's protest. It seems to him that everyone wants to tell him how to live. And this is unacceptable for him. And it does the opposite. But a teen don’t last forever. Time will pass. Kyle will grow up, and he will not want to look messy himself, and the mess of the house will strain him. He'll be neater, unless he gets stuck in a teenage protest, of course.

Molly' husband, Jake, died from cancer in 1991. He was sick for three years and was unable to work. Jake's employer provided health insurance, but they still had financial problems. Without Jake's income there was no way to pay all the bills, so they lost their house. Jake got a little money from disability insurance, and Molly worked part-time at a fast food restaurant for minimum wage. After Jake died, she was able to collect social security. It isn't much money, so she collects things and has garage sales. She makes enough to pay the rent. She doesn't have any children to help her.
Молли - вдова
Муж Молли, Джейк, умер от рака в 1991 году. Он болел три года и не мог работать. Работодатель Джейка предоставил медицинскую страховку, но у них все еще были финансовые проблемы. Без дохода Джейка не было возможности оплачивать все счета, поэтому они потеряли дом. Джейк получал немного денег от страховки по инвалидности, а Молли подрабатывала в ресторане быстрого питания за минимальную зарплату. После смерти Джейка она смогла получить социальное страхование. Денег не так много, поэтому она собирает вещи и устраивает гаражные распродажи. Она зарабатывает достаточно, чтобы платить за квартиру. У нее нет детей, которые могли бы ей помочь.
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1. Married women should have careers.
2. Molly should get married again.
1. To my mind, all women should have their own careers. This does not mean that everyone should earn millions but doing what you like and earn is necessary for every woman. Married women should also have careers. Of course, it's great if your husband earns a good income, provides for your family so that you cannot work. But no one lasts forever, and your husband may lose his job, health, or even die. And what will you do then? How will you support your standard of living? And if you have a job or business that you like, then you have a stable financial support under your feet. Events will not knock you out of the life process. Therefore, every woman, especially married should also have a career.

2. Of course, in this situation, Molly is difficult to start living over again. She loved Jake, he took care of her. After his death, her whole life has been to collect things and arrange garage sales. She has no children. Apparently she has lost the meaning of life. At any age, you can arrange your private life. Molly needs to meet men, date and try to get married again. Life is interesting and amazing! Maybe a widower lives nearby who is looking for just a woman in order to spend a life of peace and joy with her. Molly should at least start looking around. Suddenly, her happiness is near. And I support, Molly needs to get married again.

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