Project - Boost, Data structure Analysis and Testing

Контрольная работа
в среде программирования Visual Studio

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Среда программирования: Visual Studio

Название работы: Project - Boost, Data structure Analysis and Testing

Вид работы: Контрольная работа

Описание: Data structure Analysis and Testing
Create a single solution with two separate projects. Project 1 (Data Structure Testing) will contain the sorted_vector.hpp (provided), along with your unit testing for the sorted vector. Project 2 (Data Structure Analysis) will contain your data structure, and implementation. Details of each, are below:

A) Data Structure Testing:
Write a Boost Unit Test for the container provided in sorted_vector.hpp. The unit test that you write should find all possible problems that may occur (i.e. lots of test cases!) Note that the possible errors are not included in the provided container code. You must not edit the sorted_vector.hpp file.
Grading Criteria
Functional Requirements
Code is documented and formatted properly 10%
Boost unit test cases are created so that each test concept is tested in its own test case. 20%
Unit test runs without failure on the clean sorted_vector.hpp 5%
Has a Boost unit test case to determine if the move constructor is properly implemented 5%
Has a Boost unit test case to determine if the equality operator works on the container (==) 5%
Has a Boost unit test case to determine if a value gets found in the container properly (find) 5%
Has a Boost unit test case to determine if the equality operator works on the container (erase) 5%
Unit tests successfully finds the remaining 6 errors 5% per error found 30%
Use at least three different boost unit test calls (BOOST_CHECK … ) 15%
Non-functional requirements
Cleanly compiles (i.e. no warnings on level 3) Up to -10%
Failure to respect submission requirements Up to -10%
Other issues my discretion
Total 100%
B) Data Structure Analysis.

Create a new data structure that will load the binary file provided. The binary file contains characters, where a ‘+’ means 1, and a space means 0. Your structure is expected to be able to store the data within the image, and must contain the following:

1. DataStructure (image) : This will construct your data structure, and as an argument can take the values to store within the container.
2. Replace (char a, char b) : This operation will be able to replace the characters within the structure that are the same as argument a, with argument b.
3. Remove (char a) : This operation will be able to remove all characters that are the same as the character passed, from the data structure.
4. Substitute (char a, int b, char c) : This operation will substitute all characters from the container that are the same as char a, and has an occurrence of the parameter b, with the character c. This excludes whitespace. eg:
File Contains: +++ +++ + ++ +++
Operation: substitute(‘+’, 2, ‘a’)
Result: +++ +++ + aa +++
5. Print (DataStructure): This will print to the console the current data structure as it stands. If there were no changes made to the data structure, it is expected to print the same image (original) as provided. If there are changes as a result of any of the above operations, then it will print the Data Structure with the changes.

Finally, the implementation of your data structure should follow the following procedure in your main method:
1) Create the data structure with the image.
- Print the Time Complexity: “Time complexity of creation is: …”
2) Print the data structure.
3) Replace (‘ ’, ‘#’)
- Print the Time Complexity: “Time complexity of replace is: …”
4) Prints the data structure.
5) Substitute (“+”, 3, “b”)
- Print the Time Complexity: “Time complexity of substitute is: …”
6) Prints the data Structure.
7) Substitute (“+”, “2”, “c”).
8) Remove(‘c’)
- Print the Time Complexity: “Time complexity of remove is: …”
6) Prints the data Structure.

Below are some examples: Original Replaces: Functional Requirements
Creates and prints the Initial Data structure 10
Does the replace successfully 10
Does the remove successfully 10
Does the substiture successfully 20
Prints successfully after each operation (per main method) 20
Follows main method 10
Prints the time complexity 10
Time complexities noted are correct 5
Code is properly commented and explains the process adequately 5

1. Submit entire Visual Studio project directory compressed to a 7-zip (.7z) archive after
a. Deleting all build directories.
b. Deleting the .ncb and .user files in the solution root directory.

Год: 2021

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